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Announcing VMware Horizon FLEX 1.9

Continuing our unbroken tradition of releasing VMware Horizon FLEX every quarter since it debuted in 2014, we are proud to announce the General Availability of version 1.9.

Announcing VMware Horizon FLEX 1.9

For those not fully up to speed on FLEX, Horizon FLEX gives IT the flexibility to meet the needs of BYO (bring your own) and Mac users by marrying security, control and compliance of the local desktop with the flexibility of cloud-based deployment. Horizon FLEX delivers a reliable Windows or Linux experience to contractors, road warriors, developers, field workers and those affected by mergers, while controlling licensing costs, even when offline. It can extend the life of legacy applications using cloud-controlled local virtual desktops on modern hardware, and reduce the downtime and shipping costs associated with deploying new laptops.

The key to all this magic is an occasionally connected central policy server that dictates the behavior of remote hypervisors (Fusion Pro and Workstation Player). In version 1.9 we’ve focused on enhancing those policies to give you even more control.

  • MAC Address Assignment: You can now set a MAC address range on the FLEX server. As FLEX virtual machines come online and register with the FLEX server, the FLEX server will assign them the next MAC address in the range.
  • Network Policy: There is a new policy to specify the virtual network card settings. The administrator can set the connection to be bridged (new IP address for the virtual machine), network address translation (IP address shared with the host) or blocked completely. The administrator can also allow the end user to edit the setting.
  • Virtual Router Isolation: For customers whose users are on a corporate-managed router, they can limit the virtual machine (VM) connectivity directly to the router with no IP sharing.

Additionally, the remote VMs can now benefit from full VMware Mirage support for Windows 10, and from substantially better clients in the form of Fusion Pro 8.5 and Workstation Player 12.5

Horizon FLEX is available to download today. Try FLEX now in our free Hands On Lab.