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Updated Windows Operating System Optimization Tool Guide

The VMware OS Optimization Tool (OSOT), a VMware Fling, helps optimize the performance of Windows-based virtual desktops used with View in VMware Horizon 7, VMware Horizon Air Cloud-Hosted Desktops and Apps, and VMware Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode.

The recently published update of the VMware Windows Operating System Optimization Tool Guide (OSOT Guide), which documents the use of the OSOT, includes several changes from the previous version of the guide.

  • Discussion of Windows optimization in general has been removed so that the OSOT Guide can focus on the OSOT itself.
  • Clarifications to procedures and user interface descriptions in many areas have been provided.
  • Features new to the OSOT since the last version of the guide have been documented.

This version of the OSOT Guide is the first major rewrite since 2015. It is accurate as of version b1057 of the OSOT, which was released in February of this year. The current version of the OSOT, released just last week, is b1080. Why is there this discrepancy?

The Pace of Development

On a continual monthly basis in 2016, the OSOT has received more downloads than any other End-User-Computing Fling, or even any other End-User-Computing document. It is now more popular and widely used than anyone imagined when it was initially developed. The OSOT also has a lot of community-driven input, and new versions are released at a relatively fast pace.

As this is a Fling and not formally supported by VMware Global Support Services, it means that while new components have been tested prior to release, they may need additional description. The user interface is also in a state of change as feedback is received and updates made in quick response.

The pace of OSOT development is gratifying, but it poses difficulties in providing up-to-date documentation. In addition, the OSOT Guide rewrite and refocus delayed the task of documenting some specific OSOT details.

Summary and Looking Ahead

When using the updated OSOT Guide, remember that it is documenting the OSOT as of b1057. The b1080 version of the OSOT has several new and exciting features that have been added since b1057. These include:

  • Community-based and reviewed templates.
  • A Horizon Air Hybrid-Mode template for Windows 10.
  • The ability to export a template.

Download the updated OSOT Guide to get an overview of the tool and how to use it, and refer to the OSOT Changelog to see what has been introduced since February.

I look forward to new innovations in the OSOT as we work with our community of supporters.

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