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Advances in VMware Blast Extreme & Our Latest Blast Feature Update

VMware Blast Extreme was announced in March as part of VMware Horizon 7—but that was just the beginning. In collaboration with our customers and partners, we continue to innovate and made some significant advances to this technology.

Our latest Blast feature update reaches across the entire Horizon Enterprise offering to help you successfully deliver Blast Extreme desktops.

Blast Extreme updates VMworld 2016

Our primary areas of focus are:

1. Delivering a Strong Thin & Zero Client Ecosystem

We are excited to have over 70 certified clients for Blast Extreme from partners including new-added Dell, HP, IGEL, Fujitsu, 10Zig and Atrust. We are also excited that both HP and IGEL are now offering Zero clients for Blast Extreme!

2. Significant Enhancements to Our 3D Graphics Offering with Support from NVIDIA, Intel & AMD

With NVIDIA Tesla graphics cards (M6, M10 and M60) and our latest innovations, Blast Extreme uses the latest NVIDIA APIS and H.264 hardware encoder to not only deliver an exceptional user experience, but also significantly enhance user density per server.

3. WAN Optimization with Riverbed & its Leading Steelhead Solution

We are excited for the opportunity to deliver an even better experience over the WAN when using Blast in conjunction with Riverbed’s Steelhead.

4. More Insights into Blast with VMware vRealize for Horizon Integration

We are also excited to enable Blast Smart Policies with the latest version of VMware User Environment Management (UEM) to dynamically change protocol settings based on policy.

5. Bandwidth Improvements & Latency Optimizations

To maximize user experience, we reduced audio bandwidth by up to 15% and reduced JPG bandwidth in very high-bandwidth scenarios by up to six times. We also now have more dynamic settings available for tuning, which are applied immediately.

With our latest Blast Feature Pack, we’re excited that our customers now get an even better user experience, more choice for preferred devices and operating systems and tighter ecosystem integration to further leverage their IT investments.

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