VMware Identity Manager On-Premises Deployment Considerations

Jul 30, 2016
Rick Terlep


Rick Terlep is a Senior Technical Marketing Architect for VMware's End User Computing. He has been working on the VMware's EUC Technical Marketing team since 2014, and has been at VMware since 2008. Rick is a regular speaker at VMworld on different topics. Prior to VMware, he had different roles at NetIQ, at Appetizers And, Inc. and at Arthur Andersen. Rick has a degree in Computer Science from Western Illinois University and enjoys woodworking, gardening and traveling and watching way too much sports.

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Co-authored by Gary Sloane, VMware Consulting Editor

The VMware End-User-Computing Technical-Marketing Center of Excellence is happy to announce the publication of a new white paper, VMware Identity Manager On-Premises Deployment Considerations.

You might not know that VMware Identity Manager is available for on-premises as well as SaaS implementations. As the title suggests, this paper collects and clarifies information from a wide range of sources to make it easier for IT professionals to plan on-premises deployments.


Our research was based on VMware Identity Manager 2.6, released in March 2016. This version provides application provisioning, a self-service catalog, conditional access controls, and single sign-on (SSO) for SaaS, Web, cloud, and native mobile applications, as well as support for VMware Workspace ONE and integration with VMware Horizon 7. For details, see the VMware Identity Manager 2.6 Release Notes.

The just-released Identity Manager 2.7 offers additional enhancements to the Workspace ONE integration and SSO support from more devices, among other features. For more details, or to compare versions, see the VMware Identity Manager 2.7 Release Notes.

Regardless of which version of Identity Manager you plan to use, the information in this VMware Identity Manager On-Premises Deployment Considerations white paper can help clarify concepts and procedures and, above all, save you time.

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