VMware Experts Look Ahead at VDI as BriForum Comes to an End

Jul 25, 2016
Ashley Speagle


Ashley is a content marketing specialist for VMware.

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BriForum ConferenceIt’s the end of BriForum as we know it. Here are the highlights on the final agenda.

For more than a decade, some of the most experienced IT professionals have presented their vendor-neutral perspectives on all things desktop virtualization at the annual BriForum conference. In its twelfth year, BriForum will provide one last roadmap for navigating Windows 10, cloud-based technology, application management, enterprise mobility and identity.

That’s because BriForum is coming to an end after 2016 in light of the departure of the event’s founder, Brian Madden, from BrianMadden.com. The guy who started it all will talk about his 20 years in the virtualization industry in one last fireside chat at the Boston event this week, July 26–28.

But Brian promises this year’s BriForum won’t be all reminiscing and goodbyes. In fact, our very own VMware experts are headed to Boston to talk about what’s new and what’s ahead in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments and business mobility:

  • VP and CTO of VMware End-User Computing (EUC) Shawn Bass (@ShawnBass) will ask, “IoT: Can We Move Past the ‘Internet of Toys’ to the ‘Internet of Things,’ Please?” In his presentation, Shawn will talk about how IoT can move beyond novelty to providing real business value.

Shawn Bass is giving a session at BriForum Boston 2016 called “IoT: Can we move past the Internet of Toys to the Internet of Things, please?” Personally, this may be the session I’m most looking forward to, because while he shares the same frustration as I do, Shawn is also going to talk about where it does fit in and why he believes it’s one of the most important trends in IT in the last 50 years.
Gabe Knuth, blogger at BrianMadden.com

  • During “The Changing Face of Mobile Apps in the Future of Mobile,” VMware Director of Mobile Strategy Brian Katz (@BMKatz) will break down how enterprises can enable business mobility beyond devices with mobile apps. Not only will he talk about building new workflow apps but also about using virtualization technology to create mobile experiences for existing apps.
  • On Day Two, Brian’s also delving into “The Future Evolution of EMM” with BrianMadden.com Blogger Jack Madden: the integration of laptops and desktops, the importance of identity and enabling IoT and wearables.
  • On Day Three, Shawn will talk “Internet Browser Compatibility Redux” and follow up on his presentations in previous years of dealing with unsupported versions of Internet Explorer.
  • VMware Application Solutions Architect Denis Gundarev is going into the nitty gritty of activation methods for Microsoft Windows and Office 365 within a VDI environment.
  • Denis is also going to tell you “Why Your Test Environment Is Useless” on Day Two, revealing how to simplify your test environment and automate testing.

Here’s what else we’re excited to hear about on the agenda:

  • The “State of the DaaS Industry in 2016” presentation from BrianMadden.com Blogger Gabe Knuth.
  • The session on automating the VMware Horizon suite with Ahead EUC Specialist Sean Massey.
  • Live demos from Bromium Federal Services Director Dan Allen on how web browsers can crush VDI performance and server scalability.
  • NVIDIA’s graphics virtualization, “Not Your Mother’s VDI.”

Stay tuned for a recap of the final BriForum from the VMware folks presenting, and tell us what you’re looking forward to most in the comments below!

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