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VMware & Tanium: A Match Made for 21st Century Computing

Guest Blog by Curt Aubley, VP of Global Strategic Alliances and Technology, Tanium 

Throughout my career as CTO, first at Lockheed Martin and then at Intel, it became clearer to me that the existing approaches to identify and protect computing assets was quickly reaching a scale that traditional processes, technologies and teams could no longer address. Legacy solutions were becoming too complex and losing their effectiveness. It was time to change the game, which is why I joined a game changer like Tanium.

Today, VMware and Tanium announced a new endpoint security and management solution, VMware TrustPoint, which provides customers a fully integrated solution for endpoint management and security. Tanium was founded because endpoint security and systems management needed more than an overhaul—they needed to be completely redefined. So, it is our distinct honor to partner with VMware, a company that shares our ethos of “change by revolution,” and the company that refined the nature of computing forever.

Speed and Scale for the Hyper-Driven, Scale-Out World

Picture1The world of endpoint security—and the threats against it—are completely dynamic. Endpoints (laptops, notebooks, desktops, servers, virtual machines, containers, clouds) are constantly changing by being moved, created, put to sleep or re-tiered. To protect millions of moving targets, you need agile visibility and control at a scale and speed traditional prevention and hierarchical management frameworks are unable to provide. As endpoint security and management converge, IT leaders are taking a more holistic approach to securing and managing their environments.

Traditional endpoint security and management solutions were built for a time before the rise of mobile, cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT). Today, endpoints (where endpoints can cover close to anything that computes) are the one true place for truth about network vulnerability and intrusions—a truth harder and harder to come by, as endpoints can measure into the millions and millions across global organizations.

VMware and Tanium have complementary portfolios that enabled VMware to OEM the Tanium platform and create VMware TrustPoint. TrustPoint combines Tanium’s comprehensive identification, protection, detection, response and remediation capabilities with VMware’s layered OS migration technology, unlocking unprecedented speed, visibility and control of every endpoint across global networks. The integration of these platforms enables next-generation asset identification, protection, threat detection and remediation, application management and Windows 10 image migration and management.

VMware TrustPoint

As an industry, we must be bold in rethinking our approach to securing and managing data and be smart in how we invest. Last year, PwC found information security budgets increased by 24%, yet the number of security incidents rose 38%—when a system requires you to pay more for less, that system is broken. Today’s best solutions aren’t selling more, more, more; instead, they are creating unification among people, information and technology, making teams smarter and stronger. By extending their portfolio of application and device management solutions to include endpoint security and management, VMware and Tanium are leading the way to help customers manage their enterprise.

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