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Frost & Sullivan Recognizes VMware & Workspace ONE as Visionary Innovation Leader for End-User Computing

When VMware introduced Workspace ONE earlier this year, we recognized that there were significant industry shifts happening in the end-user computing (EUC) market. Those industry shifts centered on three specific areas:

  1. Devices
  2. Apps
  3. People

1. Devices

Back in the day, end users were assigned a corporate device (desktop or laptop running Windows), and they did all of their work on that one device. In fact, they couldn’t get any work done on another device…even more so if it was a non-corporate device. Today? Many users have a phone, a tablet and a laptop running a variety of operating systems—and they  want…no, they expect that they can be productive on any one of those devices. Additionally, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) & choose-your-own trends have completely upended how IT thinks about devices.

vmware workspace one frost and sullivan award 1

2. Apps

Back in the day, apps were delivered as Windows apps through a client-server model. And users didn’t refer to them as “apps,” but rather as “software.” Today? There are many types of apps: SaaS apps, native mobile apps, Windows apps, and internal web apps. In fact, we’re at a point where there are more non-Windows apps than Windows apps. This shift has led to a change in the way IT departments do application delivery and management.

vmware workspace one app catalog

3. People

Back in the day, some IT departments had a simplified view of end users. “Do they have local admin credentials or not?” or “Do they have the power to install apps on their Windows desktop or not?” Today? Well, it’s all very fuzzy. Now, IT has to think about many things, such as:

  • Is the device corporate or personal?
  • What apps do they need to access?
  • Is the user an employee, contractor or business partner?
  • Are they on the corporate network or not?

We are no longer back in the day. We’re in the today, and our customers need a solution that prepare them for today and the future. This is the reason why VMware introduced Workspace ONE early this year. Our customers needed a single solution that would help them deliver a digital workspace to any type of user on any device anywhere. But this solution needed to solve for the complexity that IT departments were trying to stitch together point solutions to provision and manage devices, apps and end users.

With Workspace ONE, we deliver a single solution that brings together identity, application and mobility solution into the industry’s only solution for delivering any digital workspace to any user on any device.

vmware workspace one frost and sullivan award 3So, we’re honored to be recognized as Frost & Sullivan’s Visionary Innovation Leader for End-User Computing. Through extensive primary and secondary research, this award recognizes vendors who deliver highly competitive products and solutions that transform the way individuals and businesses perform their daily activities across a broad range of criteria.

VMware and Workspace ONE were recognized with a 9.5/10 score based on our ability to address the emerging needs of enterprises, including:

  • A true BYO-anything capability that gives employees flexibility and device choice, while securing corporate data;
  • A unified enterprise app store with seamless single sign-on (SSO) across Windows apps, SaaS/Web apps and native mobile apps;
  • Comprehensive Windows 10 management and deployment in the enterprise, including real-time Windows apps delivery;
  • The ability to federate between existing on-premises Active Directory and Microsoft Azure Active Directory to accelerate Office 365 deployments;
  • Day zero support on mobile and desktop operating systems (OS), including iOS, Android, Mac OS, Chrome OS, Windows OS and others; and
  • Support for Internet of Things (IoT) endpoint management. These capabilities allow organizations to manage all endpoints in a single solution and support any use case in a modern management framework.

VMWare EUC Frost Sullivan Visionary Innovation Award Scorecard

We encourage you to read the report by downloading it HERE.

We are also not standing still. We are continuing to innovate on Workspace ONE to ensure that we solve for the growing needs of our customers. To learn more about the recently introduced updates to Workspace ONE, read more here.