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Need a Windows 10 Provisioning & Disaster Recovery Strategy? Introducing VMware Mirage 5.7

Can you believe it’s been nearly three months since we released VMware Mirage 5.6? That release signaled the first wave of support for Windows 10 using Mirage, with operating system (OS) migration to Windows 10 being the first use case supported.

Customers can now migrate their Windows 7 physical endpoints to Windows 10 and enjoy all the benefits of OS migration using Mirage, including a built-in safety net using snapshots, minimal end-user downtime and more.

With today’s general availability of Mirage 5.7, customers can broaden their Windows 10 use cases and leverage new features designed to empower next-generation image management across their desktop and point-of-sale (POS) environments.

VMware Mirage 5.7: Windows 10 Provisioning, Data Protection & Disaster Recovery

The top Windows 10 management features our customers ask for are endpoint provisioning, data protection and disaster recovery. Let’s take a look at how IT can use Mirage 5.7 to help with each of these use cases.

Endpoint Provisioning

With Mirage 5.7, IT can now remotely provision new or existing endpoints using Windows 10 base and application layers. IT can even bypass a full Windows 10 installation when provisioning new or existing devices using bare metal provisioning, helping users get up and running faster and with less downtime.

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Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Several new restore, recover and revert options are now available, giving IT the ability to:

  • Restore a complete Windows 10 device to a replacement machine.
  • Partially restore only user data and settings from a Windows 10 device to a replacement machine.
  • Revert a Windows 10 device back to a previous and automatically taken snapshot (see image below).mirage 5.7 2

End users can also take advantage of business continuity and self-service restore options:

  • Remotely download files stored on their Windows 10 endpoints using the Mirage File Portal.
  • Restore files and folders from snapshots on their Windows 10 endpoints without calling the helpdesk.

Expanded API Support, Wake-on LAN Functions & More

Although supporting more Windows 10 management use cases is the primary focus of this release, our engineering team packed many more powerful features into 5.7.

For over a year, Mirage has supported its own public APIs and PowerCLI cmdlets—great for customers looking to automate or connect third-party systems to Mirage. We introduce even more APIs and cmdlets in this release, including the ability to enforce layers, suspend and resume network operations and restart endpoints. IT can also now use branch reflectors and Mirage servers to perform Wake-on-LAN functions, such as waking remote endpoints and updating them with Mirage layers—great for customers managing endpoints across distributed and remote environments.

To read more about these features, please refer to our release notes. You can also download Mirage 5.7, or start a free trial today.

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