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VMware AirWatch Announces Same-day Support for iOS 9.3

Following closely on the heels of today’s Apple Special Event, VMware AirWatch announced same-day support for iOS 9.3 in its enterprise mobility management (EMM) console.

AirWatch’s iOS 9.3 highlights include (supervised devices only):

Per-app notifications: iOS 9.3 & AirWatch

  • Streamlined workflows: Enable total customization of a single iPad or a fleet of iOS devices on the home screen layout.
  • Easily locate lost devices: Easily locate a missing device, without requiring the device to use an Apple ID or be manually setup with Find My iPhone.
  • Shared and personalized devices: In situations where multiple users share the same device, such as education, AirWatch administrators can use the “Show/Hide” restriction in the EMM console to show or hide apps based on the logged in user’s profile.
  • App Notification Controls: To tailor the user experience, IT can customize app notification settings for any managed app, such as notifying an end user of a new work order or a student of a assignment.

Dive deeper into all these features and many more on the AirWatch Blog: VMware AirWatch Supports iOS 9.3.

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