Deployment and Design Considerations for VMware Mirage 5.7

Mar 30, 2016
Tina de Benedictis


Tina de Benedictis is Senior Manager in the End-User-Computing Technical Marketing group at VMware. Her team writes and edits white papers, blog posts, and knowledge base articles on VMware End-User-Computing products.

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By Gary Sloane, Consulting Writer and Editor, VMware
Yaniv Weinberg, R&D Manager, VMware

We are happy to announce a new version of the Deployment and Design Considerations for VMware Mirage white paper, which brings it up to date for VMware Mirage 5.7.

Mirage provides centralized image management for both physical desktops and View virtual desktops in VMware Horizon 6. It also offers enhanced backup, recovery, updates for endpoints, and migration functionality for hardware and operating systems. Mirage centralizes endpoint content in the data center, downloads images to endpoints, and optimizes the data transfer.

In addition to accounting for new features and components, such as MongoDB databases, there are many small improvements to the paper that make the material more accessible. Additional deployment suggestions should be especially useful to design architects and IT administrators.

For more information, see Deployment and Design Considerations for VMware Mirage.

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