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Network Ports Diagram Updated for Horizon 7

By Tina de Benedictis, group manager for VMware End-User-Computing (EUC) technical marketing, VMware, and Ray Heffer, global cloud architect for VMware EUC

Sometimes VMware gives you something that makes you want to sit by a warm fire and read, along with your favorite beverage. That is exactly what Ray Heffer has produced: the Network Ports Diagram for Horizon 7. This intricate diagram gives you a lot of vital information in one page. It is not something you will memorize, but it is something that you will refer to often.

You may have used the Horizon 6 version of this diagram, and here is the update for the new release. Click the diagram to download the PDF.


What is new in the Horizon 7 diagram?

  • View Agent has been renamed Horizon Agent.
  • Access Point holds a place alongside View Security Server.
  • RDSH / Virtual Desktop includes Windows, Linux, and RDSH desktops. (Horizon for Linux uses the Blast Extreme protocol.)
  • VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon is now part of the diagram.
  • App Volumes Agent is included.
  • Enrollment Server, new in Horizon 7 for True SSO, is now in the diagram.
  • And, best of all, we are now able to specify the name of our new protocol: Blast Extreme!

A special challenge to you network specialists: While you are studying this new Horizon 7 diagram, try to discover what else is different from the Horizon 6 Network Ports diagram!

This update of the diagram reshuffled and simplified the many components of Horizon 7, and includes View virtual desktops, App Volumes, VMware Identity Manager, and vRealize Operations for Horizon.

Be sure to download the Network Ports Diagram for Horizon 7, and send us feedback at Alternatively, you can comment to Ray through this blog post.