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VIDEO: Horizon FLEX 1.7 Now Shipping with Cool New Tricks up its Sleeve

by Andy Morris, Senior Product Line Marketing Manager, EUC at VMware

Sometimes a product release is all about the flash, the sizzle and the pizzazz. Other times, the releases are a little more fundamental. This is such a release. Horizon FLEX 1.7 is a product focused on delivering a better experience to you, the IT administrator.

Quick recap for those joining late: Horizon FLEX delivers secure policy controlled, local desktops to contractors, road warriors and employees on PCs and Macs.

The features fall in to two basic areas: cost of deployment and cost of ownership.

Cost of Deployment

Now that FLEX is easier to roll out, it’s time to go supernova. Prior to this release, you were able to achieve 1,000 client connections per server. FLEX 1.7 boosts that to 10,000. That’s right, 10,000— or ten times fewer servers you need to stand-up and maintain to support your mobile workforce.

We have also spent a lot of effort revamping FLEX’s certificate handling. You can now use server-side certificates with your clients, meaning your deployments just became much faster and smoother, but remain tightly secure. We have put considerable effort into providing you with the tools and information you need should the certificate model fail.

Cost of Ownership

We heard from many of you that you often create multiple gold images and/or virtual machines (VM), because your estate ranges from smaller, older machines to the very latest high-end power tools. Multiple images are a costly proposition, so we’ve added features to address this. A VM can now scale the hardware resources it requests from the host based on availability. Meaning you can now build a one-size-fits-all gold image for your users.

There are a few other features we’ve packed into the Horizon FLEX release, such as support for webcams on the PCI bus and improved editing tools within the management console.

Less cost to deploy. Cost effective to own. How could you not want to try it out? Visit our Hands-on Lab to try Horizon FLEX 1.7 today.

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