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New Release: VMware Horizon 6 App-Delivery Decision Maker

By Cindy Heyer Carroll, Technical Writer, End-User-Computing Technical Marketing and Enablement at VMware


A new version of the VMware Horizon 6 App-Delivery Decision Maker has just been released. The Decision Maker provides guidance as you make application-delivery decisions for your enterprise. The tool helps you identify your priorities, choose your methods, and select the Horizon 6 products and platforms that will work best in your enterprise.


The new Decision Maker includes several improvements that will make it easier to use and more helpful.

VMware Identity Manager

The Decision Maker includes VMware Identity Manager, a rebranded and expanded form of VMware Workspace Portal. VMware Identity Manager is a service solution (IDaaS) for the mobile cloud which includes AirWatch device registration for one-touch SSO from smartphones, tablets, and Windows 10 devices.


Is your enterprise shifting from a client-server model toward cloud-based IT operations? If so, then Horizon 6 with VMware Identity Manager may be the solution for you. VMware Identity Manger includes the features that made VMware Workspace Portal popular, such as single sign-on, user self-selection from an app catalog, and centralized identity management and entitlement software, as well as mobile cloud service options. You can use the Decision Maker to explore how to use VMware Identity Manager as part of the application-delivery strategy for your enterprise.

Natively installed Windows Apps

The new Decision Maker now also includes natively installed Windows apps.


Life After the Decision Maker

The new Decision Maker now includes more insight into what to do after you use the Decision Maker. First, you identify the application and platform features you want and prioritize them. Next, you select those features. Instantly, the Decision maker shows you which platform or combination of platforms supports the features that are most important to you. (For more instruction, see App-Delivery Decision Maker for Horizon 6 Helps you Choose App-Delivery Methods and Platforms.)

Then what? The Decision Maker now has a Next Steps button on every page. That means that wherever you are in the process, you can jump directly to the answer to that question.


On the Next Steps page, the Decision Maker puts new resources at your fingertips. Your next step might be to use the online SysTrack Desktop Assessment tool to gather baseline data to give you a broader view of your environment, infrastructure, and applications and help to better inform your app-delivery decisions. Or you might engage the VMware Professional Services Organization (PSO) consulting service to help you implement and optimize your decisions according to the unique environment of your enterprise.


If you have used the VMware Horizon 6 Application-Delivery Decision Maker, it is time to revisit and see how it has improved. If you have never used the Decision Maker, it is time to start exploring how it can assist you. For brief instructions, see App-Delivery Decision Maker for Horizon 6 Helps you Choose App-Delivery Methods and Platforms.

Be sure to tell us about your experience. Is the Decision Maker tool easy to use? Is it helpful? How can it be improved? Your feedback is valuable! To comment, contact the VMware End-User-Computing Technical Marketing and Enablement team at euc_tech_content_feedback@vmware.com.