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Vattenfall Bridges Global Collaboration Divide with Innovative Enterprise Social Network

With over 32,000 employees scattered across multiple countries and regions, Vattenfall had a major challenge on its hands: find the right solution that would unify employees, facilitate meaningful business collaboration and create an open knowledge-sharing culture across the entire business. The 100-year-old energy company bridged that global divide with an innovative employee community powered by Socialcast.

“Socialcast has helped break down walls and barriers to improve collaboration and discover corporate knowledge that had been siloed. The ease and pace of sharing information and best practices has improved efficiencies, as well as the quality of our work.” —Markus Grandell, Vattenfall Community Manager

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Vattenfall had a wealth of experienced, knowledgeable experts, but it was incredibly difficult to identify who those experts were, where they were located and how best to leverage their knowledge within the greater organization. To maximize the potential impact of these experts’ advice and innovations within the entire organization, Vattenfall needed an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) that would quickly and easily identify experts within organizations and certain roles.

Better Engagement, Better Results

Vattenfall launched their Socialcast community in 2013 and quickly grew participation to over 6,000 employees in just one month. Today, 20,000 employees are active within the community. Using Socialcast Reach, social streams are embedded into important business systems, including Intranet and global phonebook. Thanks to high executive engagement, strategic community management and Socialcast’s unique technology, Vattenfall created a bridge that overcomes the geographical divide to foster trust, collaboration and execution on a unified vision.

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