VMware Horizon

The Horizon & Chromebook Revolution

by Cedric Courteix, End-User Computing Technical Alliances Partner Architect, VMware

Our worldwide customers started using Chromebooks after VMware released the Horizon client for Chrome OS this past summer. After almost six months in their enterprise settings, we sent a survey to 92 early adopters. The results are in; our customers love the simplicity and performance of Horizon and Chrome.

What VMware Customers Say about Horizon & Chrome

vmware horizon chromebooks customer quotesTechnology Facts about Horizon & Chrome

The Horizon client for Chrome OS was made available this summer and updated post-VMWorld 2015. Horizon Client now runs on Chrome OS devices –Chromebook, Chromebase, Chromebox– and leverages Android Runtime Client for Chrome (ARC).

In short, the client uses PCoIP remote display protocol to establish desktop and applications sessions. Here is a list of what the client supports:

vmware horizon chrome support

vmware horizon chrome screenshot

Stay Informed

I personally invite you join our Chrome OS community pages.

To join this community, email me at ccourteix@vmware.com, and I will add you in. I need your MyVMware.com email address, if you do not have one, please follow this link to request one.

Finally, I want to thank all of the early access participants who provided us with their feedback. We look forward to your continued contributions and input!