VMware App Volumes

Extending the App Volumes Ecosystem with RES Software

By Bob Janssen, founder and CTO, RES Software

Bob J HeadshotIn our digital economy every worker’s career journey is increasingly centered around the apps they use each day. What they do with those apps is to a great extent how today’s workers deliver value. Which means the delivery of apps at just the right time, configured for the individual needs of each worker, is a crucial element of business value. And here’s another: with security needs ramping up every year, the ability to revoke access to apps has become just as important and, in its own way, valuable to the business as the use of those apps.

App delivery has grown up. Together, VMware App Volumes and RES are partnering to deliver the seamless and agile delivery of apps in a way that transforms how IT delivers, and automates the digital workspace.

RES customers around the globe continue to simplify their IT services while increasing the quality of service, leveraging the RES ONE Suite. And now VMware App Volumes’ customers with RES gain more leverage from their investments by:

  • Complementing the deployment of VMware App Volumes stacks based on job role and department, or with subscription-based qualification that automatically invokes or revokes app and data access as each worker’s context changes
  • Automating the ability to attach, detach and manage VMware App Volumes application stacks in a consistent, repeatable way
  • Supporting self-service capabilities to request access to the App Stacks and provide access through approval workflows and automatic returns

Organizations can further optimize their VMware App Volumes investments by adding additional capabilities that enhance security by automating the return of applications based on worker needs. Together, we can enable people-centered digital workspaces that are dynamically shaped for the individual needs of each worker.

Thank you VMware for paving the way for great new capabilities for your App Volumes customers. We believe they will discover that our collaboration is a great step forward.