Bringing New Meaning to “Mission-Critical” – Powered by VMware Horizon and NVIDIA GRID

Sep 16, 2015
Tony Paikeday


Tony Paikeday is a former senior product line marketing manager for VMware EUC, including VMware Horizon, as well as key enabling technologies including GPU virtualization and the software-defined data center.

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has come a long way in the last 7 years. Formerly the domain of task workers with a small suite of rudimentary clerical apps, VDI can now be found across every use case in the enterprise, from mobile users to designers and engineers, thanks to the advancements we’ve seen in delivering an uncompromised user experience that rivals physical.

Nothing speaks more about the incredible user experience now available with VDI than the serious workloads customers are deploying using Horizon 6 with NVIDIA GRID vGPU. Now with the introduction of NVIDIA GRID 2.0, that experience just got better with 2X performance and 2X scalability.

Education + 3D = Training & Simulation

Phrases like “mission-critical” often come to mind to describe important line of business applications that power the enterprise. But what could be more mission critical than applications that train a government’s civilian and military servicemen and women in dealing with a multitude of threat scenarios? How do you prepare the 21st century soldier for duty in a variety of theaters and environments that test their preparedness? How about a full virtual reality simulation of the modern day battlespace, involving hundreds of participants – all delivered and experienced seamlessly within a 3D virtual desktop? Check out what VMware, NVIDIA and the simulation technology experts at Bohemia Interactive Simulations have put together leveraging Horizon with GRID vGPU:

Horizon 6 has seen huge traction in the education space, allowing teachers to easily administer student desktops in a centralized manner whilst giving students the freedom to access their lab or desktop from anywhere on any device. With the introduction of NVIDIA GRID vGPU in vSphere 6.0, Horizon 6 can now support 3D application workloads. Combine education and 3D and you get the Training and Simulation use case.

Training and Simulation is used across federal government, emergency response, defense and many other areas to ensure employees are trained and rehearsed in realistic and immersive scenarios. Increasingly, organizations are using lower cost Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) solutions to provide this immersive training capability. “Virtual” training can often be 1/10th of the cost of live training, yet provide the training fidelity required.

In our next post, we’ll explore virtualizing COTS solutions for training and simulation in greater depth and demonstrate our test results running Bohemia’s Virtual Battlespace 3 on VMware Horizon 6.


By Tony Paikeday and Matt Coppinger