VMware Horizon

Triple Benefits from View in Horizon 6, Virtual SAN, and All-Flash Storage from SanDisk

By Patric Chang, Senior Director, SanDisk

Imagine being able to run View desktops with the speed of all-flash shared storage, without the cost and complexity of a dedicated all-flash array.

Today, all-flash Virtual SAN clusters from SanDisk make it a reality.

In collaboration with VMware, Avago, Dell, and Brocade, SanDisk has built a Virtual SAN solution that delivers the following benefits with a four-node starter configuration:

  • Fast, responsive virtual desktops for great user experience
  • Support for persistent desktops without the need for dedicated storage arrays
  • Common management paradigm for server virtualization and storage
  • Configuration with servers, flash storage, controllers, and network, all tested and validated together for ease of deployment and support
  • Support for over 800 desktops on each four-node cluster

This flexible four-node solution can scale up to 64 nodes. Now customers can achieve all-flash performance on persistent View desktops without the need for a dedicated all-flash array.


A reference architecture and a solution brief describing this solution are now available. Blogs at VMware and other partners, such as Brocade, show that there is already a lot of excitement about this solution.

There will be two special sessions (EUC6510 and VAPP5737) at VMworld that will cover best practices to deploy all-flash Virtual SAN with View workloads. You can attend either session or visit SanDisk at Booth 1920 in San Francisco.


For more information, or to conduct a proof of concept, feel free to contact me anytime at patric.chang@sandisk.com.