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End-User Computing Just Got Simpler

By Tristan Todd, Architect, End-User Computing, VMware
Jim Yanik, Architect, End-User Computing, VMware
Tony Foster, EMC
Michael Fox, EMC
Mark Orth, EMC

If you make it easy to implement, simple to administer, and deliver an exceptional user experience, then your “desktop of the future” project is more likely to be successful! We have made this statement at virtualization industry events for the last five years. Now an exciting new solution has arrived that helps enterprises achieve each of these three goals.


The Federation End-User-Computing Solution

The EMC Federation has made it easier for enterprises to deploy virtual desktops at scale, with the Federation End-User-Computing (Fed EUC) Solution. This is a holistic solution for delivering desktops and applications to any device. The Federation EUC Solution provides everything needed for secure, anytime, anywhere access to virtual desktops and applications. It includes all hardware, software, and services needed for end-user computing, including virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), support desk software, orchestration and automation tools, security, installation services, and one-call support.

End-user computing showcases the value of EMC Federation. We’re the only vendor that offers the dozens of hardware and software components that go into a complete virtual desktop solution. The Federation EUC Solution combines storage from EMC; servers and networking from VCE; orchestration, automation, and management tools from VMware; optional hypervisor-based security from RSA; and more optional components from other Federation companies. Enterprises can deploy the Federation EUC Solution as a standalone solution or integrate it with the EMC Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud. They can use our converged infrastructure or use their own infrastructure with EMC storage.

Three Challenges of Large-Scale VDI

The Federation EUC Solution overcomes the three major challenges of introducing virtual desktops at a large scale.


The first obstacle is complexity. Until now, most enterprises took the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to virtual desktop solutions by integrating dozens of hardware and software components from multiple vendors. As a holistic solution, the Federation EUC Solution eliminates the headaches and risk of DIY. For example, deployment is quick because we have already ensured that everything works together, from the underlying infrastructure to the software stack. And, a huge relief to IT teams looking for accountability, we offer one-call support for any issue, whether it involves hardware or software.

The second problem we have tackled with the Federation EUC Solution is making sure that the user experience does not degrade as the deployment scales. The EMC XtremIO all-flash arrays in the solution scale linearly. Enterprises choose a pre-sized option for as few as 500 users or up to tens of thousands. Scaling to support more users is as simple as adding a modular upgrade. We have ensured that performance will not slow with growth.

Finally, we have simplified virtual desktop management by including advanced VMware tools that automate manual processes. Administrators can monitor performance end-to-end, from the desktop to the data center, all from one interface. Support-desk staff can quickly see if a performance issue has to do with the infrastructure, network, storage, display protocol, or virtual desktop itself. Provisioning is simpler: one click to spin up one, ten, or hundreds of desktops. Delivering and upgrading applications takes just seconds. And if the IT team activates the self-service option, users can order desktops and applications as a service, with no involvement from IT.

VMworld 2015

We would love to share more about the Federation EUC Solution with you in person. If you are attending VMworld 2015 in San Francisco:

  • Stop by Federation booths 1229 or 1405 to learn more
  • Attend breakout session EUC6643 where Tony Foster and Raj Dawar from EMC will deliver a comprehensive overview of the Federation EUC Solution

For More Information

To learn more, we invite you to read the executive and technical white papers on the Federation End-User Computing Solutions Web page.

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