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Introducing the Dynamic Duo: Secure Mobility + Compliant Cloud for Federal Government

VMware has just announced a new offering for Federal mobile employees that provides the freedom, flexibility and ease of using mobile devices in the field with the efficiency, rapid scalability and mobile extensibility of cloud services. The solution, which combines the secure mobility management features of AirWatch built to FISMA requirements running over VMware’s vCloud Government Services built to NIST 800-53 Revision 4 specifications and achieved P-ATO for FedRAMP, provides an end-to-end solutions for Federal agencies looking to move to cloud services that are in adherence to US Federal security and privacy standards.

Ideal for Homeland Security and Law Enforcement agents, Field Inspectors, even Census Enumerators, who now have the flexibility to both lookup case information as well as file reports and updates right onsite with the data residing in a secure cloud. The vCloud Government Services (vCSG) are specifically built for government providing a completely isolated environment to allow US government agencies to move sensitive workloads to the cloud while adhering to the compliance and regulatory requirements under which they operate. AirWatch running on the VMware Government Cloud offers a cost effective solution to quickly scale up to support native mobile applications, as well as address disaster recovery and backups. It also provides an always available “lab-in-the-cloud” for development and testing.

Contact for more information: Sales@air-watch.com

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