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Are you ready to build a desktop, app, and user management strategy?

By Harry Labana, VP Products, EUC, VMware

How is your desktop, app, and user management strategy? Have you thought about it lately? With VMworld 2015 right around the corner, now is as good a time as ever. Next week, thousands of IT professionals will pour into San Francisco for the industry’s premier virtualization and cloud conference. Not only will you be able to talk and network with virtualization, cloud, datacenter, and end-user computing peers, but you can also attend sessions presented by thought leaders and subject matter experts paving the way for a new model of IT. Even if you have a good desktop, app, and user management strategy in place, I encourage you to attend a few of these sessions that I am most excited about. These will give you a sense of where VMware is heading in an ever-growing heterogeneous world full of apps, users and devices…that all need management. Here are some of the sessions I’d like to highlight:

  1. EUC5214-QT – Building a Desktop, Application, and User Management Strategy

I’ll be delivering a 30 minute talk on how to build an effective desktop, app, and user management strategy. Over the past year at VMware, I’ve been listening to lots of customer feedback. We have products like App Volumes and User Environment Manager, which are providing real delivery and management value to our customers. But we are still working to improve the way IT delivers apps to end users, to provide consistent user experience and overcome desktop management challenges. I’ll be sharing why current methods of managing windows apps are broken, and introducing solutions to help ease those management challenges. We are in the business of helping IT deliver a stellar user experience and can help you achieve that. We’ll also be discussing how you can reduce your TCO of application delivery and user management to help deliver that seamless user experience across virtual, physical, and cloud-hosted desktop environments. I have demos lined up too, which is always exciting!

  1. EUC6807-S – The Future of End-User Computing

Although my session will be specific to desktop, app, and user management strategy, you won’t want to miss another session that is aimed to take that a step further. Our SVP and GM of Desktop Products, Sumit Dhawan, and EUC VP of Strategy, Noah Wasmer, will be delivering this spotlight session that focuses on the future of end-user computing. They will be expanding on the notion of unified end-point management across desktops, laptops, tablets, and more. You’ll hear how VMware is delivering a new era of end-user computing to help IT simplify the way they manage apps, users, and devices in a heterogeneous world.

  1. EUC5430 – Why Everybody Needs VMware User Environment Manager (UEM)

My colleague Jason Marshall will be leading this session on one of our more recent products – User Environment Manager. User environment management is a critical part of overall desktop, app, and user management strategy and this session takes a deep dive into that world. Jason will be demonstrating UEM and how customers can benefit from this dynamic and context-based profile and policy management solution. You won’t want to blink in this session because we’ll also be showing demos here.

You should constantly be thinking about your end-user computing strategy, and we have plenty of sessions to prepare you to do that. I encourage you to attend these sessions, as they will get you aligned with where VMware is headed to enable you to deliver that knockout strategy. Looking forward to seeing you at VMworld 2015!

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