PCoIP Happiness for View Virtual Desktops in Horizon 6

Jun 19, 2015
Jessica Flohr


Jessica Chapin (Flohr) is a contract technical writer and editor in End-User Computing at VMware in Palo Alto, California. She graduated from the University of Colorado Denver with a bachelor of arts degree in English Writing and has a certificate in editing from Poynter News University. Currently, she is working on the Professional Sequence in Editing through the UC Berkeley Extension program. In addition to editing technical papers and formatting blog posts for the End-User Computing blog, Jessica writes for her local community newspaper.

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By Susan Blau, Technical Writer, End-User Computing, VMware



PC-over-IP (PCoIP) is a remote display protocol that delivers an optimal user experience for remote desktops and applications by adapting to the available network bandwidth. In VMware Horizon 6, end users with Horizon Clients installed on their endpoints can connect to their View virtual desktops through PCoIP.

To fully understand how to optimize PCoIP for View virtual desktops, you have two sources of information available to you.

PCoIP Optimization in View 5

The essential reference on PCoIP optimization for View virtual desktops is VMware View 5 with PCoIP: Network Optimization Guide. It addresses key topics such as:

  • Recommended configurations for optimal bandwidth utilization
  • Network optimization
  • Importing the PCoIP administrative template
  • Windows desktop settings to optimize performance over a WAN
  • Advanced configurations in View
  • Using PCoIP session statistics to monitor the end-user experience

PCoIP Optimization in Horizon 6

Horizon 6 included several enhancements to PCoIP optimization for View virtual desktops:

  • Bandwidth-management improvements for congested and “lossy” networks
  • New default settings for three PCoIP settings, which provide significant savings in network bandwidth usage:
    • Build to Lossless
    • Maximum Initial Image Quality
    • Minimum Image Quality

For more information, see the blog post by Tony Huynh, Horizon 6 with PCoIP—Up to 30% Bandwidth Savings out of the Box!.


In conclusion, you need two sources of information to get the complete picture to optimize PCoIP in View virtual desktops:

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