App Volumes 2.9 Now Available!

Jun 15, 2015
Sachin Sharma


Sachin Sharma is a senior product line marketing manager for VMware’s End-User Computing business unit, specializing in security.

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Since our initial announcement of App Volumes 2.5 late last year, the excitement our customers have displayed for App Volumes has been tremendous.  We have released a couple more versions since then, and today I’m pleased to announce that the latest version, App Volumes 2.9, is now generally available as of today, June 15th 2015! This release consists of several enhancements and fixes based directly from customer feedback, so be sure to review the release notes for more information. I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the main features.

First, in this release, App Volumes adds support for multiple vCenter servers. You can now use a single instance of App Volumes to manage VMs across multiple vCenter servers. This will help our customers by reducing operational expenditure with a single pane of glass for application delivery. Storage groups within App Volumes that are shared across vCenter servers can now also be managed. Multi-vCenter support does not include replication across vCenter servers that do not have a shared storage between them, so customers should use their existing VMDK replication infrastructure.

This release also offers support for vSphere 6. Use the latest and greatest hypervisor technology from VMware to run App Volumes on as well as deliver applications to virtual desktops that run on vSphere 6. And lastly, we have included integrated troubleshooting in the App Volumes agent for Microsoft Office deployments. Customers who have had issues deploying Microsoft Office with App Volumes can troubleshoot potential activation issues easier with this new feature.

We are continuing to enhance App Volumes with new features and are excited to release new versions such as 2.9. For more information on App Volumes, please visit our product page. And for more updates on App Volumes, please visit us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or discuss in our Communities.

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