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VMware NSX – Customer Imperatives for Desktop Transformation Security

Customers share perspectives on what drives them to deploy NSX for securing virtual desktops and apps

I recently had the opportunity to attend RSA, and present at our breakout session “Limiting the Spread of Threats: A Data Center for Every User”. Here we explored the use cases for micro-segmentation, as it applies to both desktop virtualization and even to discrete apps. This was a good discussion, and you could tell from the Q&A, there’s expanding interest in understanding how virtualized users pose new considerations to organizations trying to protect mission-critical infrastructure within the data center.

If you want a nice, quick (3 minutes quick) tour of why NSX is great for your Horizon environment, watch this video:

We started exploring this topic in my previous blog post, “Securing Virtual Desktops Against East-West Threats in the Data Center”.  There we setup the problem statement of the proliferation of east-west traffic, and the justification for using NSX in VDI deployments.  Since then I’ve been digging into what you, our customers have relayed to us in terms of why this is growing in importance.

When you examine the motivations for organizations deploying NSX, it becomes quickly apparent there are some common pillars of value, or “imperatives” that are top of mind with our customers.


Based on data shared by our own teams and their conversations with customers across the globe, we see an interesting breakdown of what’s compelling these organizations of every shape, size and vertical to deploy NSX in their datacenter.

The top three imperatives most commonly expressed are:

  • Easily half of our customers tell us that micro-segmentation is a critical use case for them
  • Many are also concerned with controlling VLAN sprawl, and ultimately flattening the physical network
  • VM/workload mobility across an extended infrastructure is also a dominant concern

Additional top of mind objectives include:

  • Supporting multi-datacenter / hybrid cloud environments
  • Strengthening audit / regulatory compliancy
  • Mitigating risk
  • Enabling multi-tenancy
  • And leveraging the ecosystem to service-chain advanced security capabilities from our partners like Trend Micro, Palo Alto Networks, Intel and others

So, what’s your motivation?

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