VMware Horizon

Application Delivery with Horizon 6: Newly Updated White Paper

By Cindy Heyer, Technical Writer, Technical Marketing, End-User Computing at VMware

The newly updated Application Delivery with Horizon 6 white paper is now available. This new version is packed with easy-access tips about using the features and components of Horizon 6 to more effectively manage your applications and desktops.


This paper has something for everyone. It takes you through the myriad ways that Horizon 6 offers to provide your end users with easily accessible applications. No matter what kind of environment you started with—View virtual desktops, ThinApp application virtualization, Workspace Portal, legacy Citrix XenApp, even a non-VMware VDI environment, or a combination of the above—you can find pertinent use cases for application delivery that help you identify potential benefits and return on investment.

After all, where application delivery is concerned, you have a lot of variables to juggle. For one thing, you have many types of applications to manage. Each type of application comes with its specific requirements and limitations such as device drivers, licensing, and more. Endpoint devices also come in many varieties. Maybe your end users provide their own devices in a BYOD program, and maybe they use mobile devices in the field. Either way, you need to take into account the dependencies and limitations of these devices. You might have multiple types of end users, too: some stationary and others traveling, some working on premises and others working remotely. And, last but not least, you most likely have environmental considerations to factor in, such as legacy infrastructures and applications, multiple versions of the same application, and frequency of upgrades or license renewals.

In the end, you might conclude that what you need is a hybrid of app-delivery options instead of just one. If so, you are not alone. Most enterprises of any size need a combination of strategies to deliver diverse types of applications to diverse sets of endpoint devices. And Horizon 6 supports that diversity. VMware has long provided options for application delivery of virtualized applications through ThinApp, and, through Workspace Portal, delivery of SaaS- or cloud-based applications from individual software providers, and delivery of Citrix published applications from XenApp farms. Horizon 6 also recently added RDSH-based app remoting to this mix. In addition, Horizon 6 Advanced and Enterprise editions include Mirage, which provides support for app delivery of ThinApp packages and natively installed Windows applications through Mirage app layers.

Horizon 6 Advanced and Enterprise editions include Workspace, a unified workspace where your end users can log in once from any type of device, and launch any supported application type: ThinApp packages, XenApp published applications, SaaS-based or cloud-based applications, and hosted applications.

Application Delivery with Horizon 6.0 is in a new, more consumable interactive format—it is more visual and has many new links to videos and demos. Be sure to download the paper from your browser to take advantage of all of the document navigation possibilities. See the following videos for a few of the app-delivery opportunities with VMware products:

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