Apply Today! VMware Horizon Client for Chrome OS Early Access Program

Apr 30, 2015
Claude Robinson


Claude Robinson is former director of End-User Computing (EUC) Alliances for VMware.

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by Claude Robinson, Director End-User Computing Enterprise Software Applications and Healthcare Alliances Team

VMware and Google have been working together over the last year to deliver compelling enterprise solutions to our customers. We have had the opportunity to work closely with Google to deliver a virtualization solution on Google’s Chromebook leveraging VMware End-User Computing products.

Many of our customers have deployed VMware Horizon and Google Chromebooks together with success to drive their businesses. A consistent question I hear from customers is, “When will Horizon hosted apps be available for Google Chromebooks?” VMware and Google have heard you, and we are excited to announce our first step to deliver hosted applications on Chromebooks. We are ready to get it into your hands.

This solution offering demonstrates the flexible delivery of hosted (or published) applications to Google Chromebooks from VMware Horizon. Enterprises can now access VMware Horizon Windows virtual desktops or hosted applications on a Chromebox or on the go from a Chromebook.

Instantly find your hosted applications with Unity Touch

Today, we are announcing an early access program that will be available for select Google and VMware customers. Apply here to be considered for trying out Google Chromebooks with VMware Horizon hosted apps. We look forward to hearing from you!

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