VMware Mirage 5.3 Now Generally Available – Go Download Now!

Mar 3, 2015
Sachin Sharma


Sachin Sharma is a senior product line marketing manager for VMware’s End-User Computing business unit, specializing in security.

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A couple weeks ago, we announced the new VMware Mirage 5.3 solution and its new capabilities. Today, I’m happy to announce that VMware Mirage 5.3 is now generally available and current customers can download the solution from my.vmware.com. For those who want to try the product for free, a free trial of the solution can be downloaded here.

VMware Mirage 5.3 is an exciting release, especially for our retail, financial, and healthcare customers. It provides a great management solution for point of sale / point of service (POS) devices and allows IT to migrate POS operating systems to new versions such as Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 or POSReady 7. Full image management, such as delivering a base layer for OS or application updates, can now be delivered to POS devices, and disaster recovery use cases, such as revert to snapshot, file restore, or desktop recovery are also supported.

Beyond supporting more use cases for POS device management, we’re also introducing bare metal provisioning. When provisioning new devices, IT can now bypass a full Windows installation and use our bare metal provisioning for bringing up new devices faster. We’ve also enhanced our API capabilities and Web Manager GUI. To read more about these enhancements in detail, read my previous VMware Mirage 5.3 announcement blog. And as always, for more updates, please visit us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or discuss in our Communities.

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