Updated Paper About Configuring Horizon with View in Kiosk Mode

Feb 9, 2015
Jessica Flohr


Jessica Chapin (Flohr) is a contract technical writer and editor in End-User Computing at VMware in Palo Alto, California. She graduated from the University of Colorado Denver with a bachelor of arts degree in English Writing and has a certificate in editing from Poynter News University. Currently, she is working on the Professional Sequence in Editing through the UC Berkeley Extension program. In addition to editing technical papers and formatting blog posts for the End-User Computing blog, Jessica writes for her local community newspaper.

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By Karen Smith, Guest Technical Writer, End-User-Computing Technical Marketing, VMware

The updated Configuring Kiosk Mode white paper provides instructions and references to more detailed material to help administrators design and implement virtual kiosks using VMware Horizon with View.

The next time you use a kiosk at a library, trade show, or medical facility, consider that the kiosk application might be running on a View virtual desktop. View offers a powerful kiosk mode to facilitate the use of unattended self-service kiosks in public and semi-public locations where anonymous access to specific applications is required.

The physical hardware used for kiosk devices is often a bank of thin clients or zero clients, although it is possible to use other devices, such as locked-down PCs running Windows or Linux.

Kiosk functionality can be provided at low cost, with inexpensive endpoints, nonpersistent virtual desktops, and no additional storage. Very little is required of IT resources beyond initial setup and provisioning. For more information about configuring View virtual desktops to work in kiosk mode, see the Configuring Kiosk Mode white paper.

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