VMware Horizon

Finding the Ideal Match With A New Desktop Assessment Service for VMware Horizon

By Ben Goodman, VMware Horizon evangelist, End-User Computing, VMware

When looking to make an important investment such as buying a house, having informative data matters. Web-based solutions like Realtor.com, Trulia and Zillow offer information that helps people make intelligent buying decisions. These tools take into consideration a variety of variables such as location, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, to find a place that fits into your budget. Without these tools or realtor partners who know how to use them, we would have to physically drive our cars from “for sale” sign to “for sale” sign until we found a match.

Having the right data also matters when deciding on end-user computing infrastructure. Many customers and partners struggle to make the business case for new technologies because they do not understand their end-user needs, requirements and costs associated with satisfying them with a new set of modern technologies.

Free Cloud-Based Desktop Assessment Service

With this in mind, I’m delighted to announce that Lakeside Software will be offering a new cloud-based assessment service that is designed to help customers streamline the move to virtual desktops. This new solution, called the Lakeside SysTrack Desktop Assessment, is a free, cloud-based offering that will give customers and partners the data they need to make good decisions.

The service will gather in-depth information about an organization’s current hardware and software requirements, and their configurations. It is also designed to discover how end-users are using their existing computing environment by analyzing real world software, web and network usage patterns. This will help target the most valuable use cases and validate the right solution to fit the specific needs of end-users. The SysTrack Desktop Assessment will do all of this without requiring any commitment of time, effort or money to setup an infrastructure since it is provisioned from vCloud® Air™.

The Lakeside SysTrack Desktop Assessment has also been built to go beyond simple discovery to provide meaningful recommendations. For example, it will recommend which deployment methodologies best match your end-users needs and which Horizon tools will best support them. It will even give details on recommended hardware platforms for VMware Horizon 6, VMware Horizon FLEX or desktop models for VMware Horizon Air™.

VMware chose to collaborate with Lakeside Software because they are highly respected specialists in the area of desktop and server assessments, having won the Best of VMworld 2013 Gold Award in Desktop Virtualization and End-User Computing.


The Lakeside SysTrack Desktop Assessment service will be available to select partners and customers immediately, with general availability later this quarter. You can register now for access to the service once it is generally available.

Finding the ideal match for your requirements can be hard, whether you are looking for a home for your family or looking to modernize an organization’s end-user computing environment. We are very excited about the new Lakeside SysTrack Desktop Assessment service designed to help customers and partners find that ideal match and deploy the right VMware Horizon solution(s) that best meet their needs.