Employee Experience

An Exciting New Chapter In the Journey

By Rob Huisman, CEO of Immidio

Rob Huisman Head ShotToday, I am excited to announce that Immidio will be joining the VMware family as part of the VMware End-User Computing team. This is the culmination of nearly 7 years of hard work and I’d like to take the opportunity to revisit how we got here.

It was back in 2008 when we decided to develop a robust Windows profile management solution for the masses. As the creators of an early profile management tool with our freeware Flex Profile Kit which had been available since 2003, we knew there was a huge demand for a simple-to-use, effective and scalable solution.

Initially released as freeware in 2009 and as a supported commercial version soon after, FlexProfiles was a big success right from the start. By the end of the same year we already signed up our first Fortune 500 customer who currently deploys our solution to manage the desktops for more than 90K end-users around the world.

From day one we applied strict principles to our company (engineering) culture, product architecture and functionality. We did not want to compromise on the quality of our team, we wanted to stick to a simple and scalable architecture, we did not want to add complexity and we never built functionality for marketing purposes nor for customer specific requirements that would not benefit the majority of our customer base.  I am proud to say we were able to maintain our principles over the years and safeguard the scalability and effectiveness of our product.

We estimate that millions of users around the world still use our former freeware products, and to date we now have over 500 paying customers in more than 25 countries using our commercial product, Immidio Flex+. Immidio Flex+ has evolved into a mature user environment management solution and is used to manage policies and personalization for some of the largest physical desktop, VDI and SBC environments both on-premise and in the public cloud. One of our customers is using Flex+ to manage 105,000 of their physical desktops with only one part-time engineer, all due to the simplicity of our design and scalability of the product.

All of us at Immidio feel that VMware’s vision for developing a brand new solution for “Workspace Environment Management” is amazing. We are excited and proud that the Immidio Flex+ UEM technology will be playing an important role in the effort and within the broader VMware product stack. There are certainly many more exciting things to come and I cannot wait to share them with you when they are ready, so keep up with VMware End-User Computing news.