VMware App Volumes Deployment Guide Is Now Available

Dec 10, 2014


Tristan Todd loves being an Architect on the End User Computing Customer Enablement Team at VMware. In this role Tristan delivers technical enablement and thought leadership for VMware’s End User Computing product line to key SISO partners and Lighthouse Customer (marquee) accounts and provide low effort, high impact technical enablement through regular blogging, social media, podcasting, and publishing white papers. Previously Tristan served as a Reference Architect and as a Senior Consultant in the VMware Professional Services practice. Tristan successfully led numerous End User Computing projects for customers in the financial services, education, outdoor retail, and healthcare verticals.

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By Tristan Todd, VMware End-User-Computing Architect

Many years ago, I led a desktop support team at a small supply chain management company. The office was located in one of the many amazing food districts in Portland, Oregon. My team always scheduled a fantastic lunch outing on Fridays. Being the last one to leave my desk, I was often caught by an urgent phone call from a VIP who needed an application installed on their desktop. So, instead of feasting on some epic Thai cuisine with my teammates, I was often stuck (with stomach growling) in an executive’s office installing software. Alas, delighted users, but hungry Tristan.

If only I had had a technology like VMware App Volumes back then! The ability to instantly deploy applications to my users from a centralized management console would have let me enjoy my panang curry while having fun with my team.


App Volumes complements the VMware End-User Computing portfolio by integrating with VMware Horizon with View, VMware Workspace Portal, and other application and desktop solutions. App Volumes is a real-time, centrally managed application delivery and life cycle management tool. There is no need to modify desktops or repackage applications to deliver the applications that users need. App Volumes even gives users the ability to install their own applications.

Don’t miss out on good food and laughs with your co-workers! And keep on delighting your desktop users! Look at the new App Volumes Deployment Guide to learn more about this exciting new solution from VMware.

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