VMware Mirage Bootcamp Videos

Dec 1, 2014
Sachin Sharma


Sachin Sharma is a Director of Product Marketing for VMware’s End-User Computing business unit.

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One of the easiest ways to learn about VMware technologies is through videos. The videos we record are easy to consume and available on-demand. In fact, we have many VMware Mirage videos available on our YouTube playlist. Today I’d like to introduce the VMware Mirage Bootcamp series. This series covers everything from a general overview of Mirage to architecture guides to best practices including:

  • Mirage Overview – key capabilities and core technology of VMware Mirage including a live demo of the Mirage management console
  • Image Management Architecture Guide with Mirage – core architecture principles to design a centralized image management. We also review design methodology, sizing and scalability, and integration with Horizon.
  • CVDs, Layers, Policies, and Rules in Mirage – a deep-dive look at managing CVDs in VMware Mirage. We also cover layer management, CVD policies, layer rules, and scripting in Mirage.
  • Windows Migration – how Windows migrations are performed with VMware Mirage, and the benefits IT and end users receive as a result. We cover how Mirage handles USMT, post-scripts, layers, and drivers as part of the migration process with Mirage.
  • Best Practices with Remote and Branch Offices – deep-dive look at best practices with managing endpoints across remote and branch offices using VMware Mirage.
  • Best Practices in Automation – the automation capabilities offered in VMware Mirage. We also explain how to use the Mirage Server Tools and give examples of automation tasks.

Instead of reading about the Bootcamp series in this blog, go check out the videos yourself! Log into communities to get access to the Bootcamp series. You can also sign up for the eBook to get access to all the presentations used in the Bootcamp videos. (By the way, if you’re also interested in the Horizon 6 Bootcamp series, you can access it here.)

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