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VMware, NVIDIA and Google Collaborate To Deliver Graphics Rich Apps To Enterprise Cloud Desktops

By Pat Lee, Sr. Director, Remote Experience

Today, I am very excited to share how VMware, NVIDIA and Google are working together to deliver graphics rich applications to enterprise cloud desktops.

The result of our collaboration to date is two key technology previews that we are showing at VMworld 2014.

First, we are showing a technology preview of NVIDIA GRID™ vGPU™ on the VMware platform which will bring rich 3D applications to VMware Horizon and Horizon DaaS.

Second, I am excited to announce a technology preview with Google and NVIDIA to deliver rich workstation level graphics and user experience to Chromebook users.

NVIDIA GRID vGPU: Sharing the Power of Rich 3D to Horizon Desktops

Earlier this year at the GPU Technology Conference, VMware announced our intention to collaborate with NVIDIA to bring GRID vGPU to VMware products and today we are showing off our joint collaboration efforts with a technology preview of GRID vGPU running on VMware products.

NVIDIA GRID vGPU is exciting technology that allows multiple virtual machines to share the power of a single GPU to deliver rich 3D graphics and high performance video. Combined with VMware Horizon, together NVIDIA and VMware will be able to deliver the highest end 3D applications to the most demanding users in design, manufacturing, and engineering.

NVIDIA graphic1

If you need to deliver high-end 3D graphics with secure remote desktops, you will want to try NVIDIA GRID vGPU with VMware Horizon.

Today, we are also announcing a early access program that be available for select NVIDIA and VMware customers in Q4 2014. Sign up today to be considered for trying out NVIDIA GRID vGPU with VMware products at www.nvidia.com/grid-vmware-vgpu.

Now Deliver Rich Graphics Applications to Chromebooks

Building on the foundation of NVIDIA GRID vGPU in the datacenter to enable rich graphics applications to VMware Horizon desktops, we have partnered with Google and NVIDIA to deliver those rich graphics applications to Chromebook users.

Enterprise customers are using Chromebooks for an affordable, mobile device to access the applications they need. With the new generation of Chromebooks like the Tegra K1 powered Chromebooks, rich graphics is now available to more devices than ever.

We are excited to show off a technology preview of the next generation of VMware Blast Performance to deliver high-performance virtual desktops with workstation-class graphics applications on the latest Chromebooks. Checkout the video below.

NVIDIA graphic2

We are excited to about the possibilities for the future of the Enterprise Cloud Desktop with our collaboration with NVIDIA and Google.

Seeing is believing, so come by the VMware and NVIDIA booths at VMworld 2014 to see the future of rich graphics applications delivered from the cloud to the devices you want to use.