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Deciding Between VMware Horizon 6 and Citrix XenDesktop?

By Cyndie Zikmund, End-User Computing Product Line Marketing Manager, VMware, and Scott Edstrom, End-User Computing Senior Consultant, VMware

vmware horizon vs citrix xendesktopYou have heard about Horizon 6 by now, but are you curious about how it compares to Citrix XenDesktop?  The VMware Horizon 6 family of solutions offers a choice of new features and capabilities for desktop and application virtualization.

We describe the most prominent features of Horizon 6 in the white paper Why VMware Horizon is a Better Choice Than Citrix XenDesktop. By outlining six ways that Horizon 6 outperforms XenDesktop across the board, we show you that:

  • Horizon 6 is the best virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). Most deployed VDI environments from other vendors run on the VMware hypervisor platform, vSphere.  Horizon 6 combined with vSphere gives you the tightest integration possible between hypervisor and VDI.
  • VMware vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon gives you superior visibility into your Horizon 6 environment, which leads to greater control. This package provides tools for reactive problem solving and proactive maintenance. Citrix XenDesktop problem solving and maintenance is generally a lot more complicated, requiring additional products and third-party tools.
  • Powered by VMware Mirage, Horizon 6 centralized image management works with physical devices, virtual desktops, and BYOD.  This is something that Citrix XenDesktop cannot do. With Mirage, image management layering directly improves user productivity, driving down costs and increasing efficiency.
  • Combined with VMware Horizon DaaS, Horizon 6 is the first and only platform built with the choice of either on-premises or cloud deployment, for the hybrid cloud. The hybrid cloud gives you the best of both worlds—flexibility and control.
  • Finally, at VMware we care about our customers the most. “Where is the proof?” you ask. VMware has one of the highest customer satisfaction scores and delivers the most value, based on customer feedback, independent surveys, and third-party reports. Sadly, Citrix trails in this area—by a lot.

And, if these are not reasons enough, you can also enjoy greater CapEx and OpEx savings along with superior network integration with Horizon 6 and F5.

Also worth mentioning is the combination of Horizon 6 and AirWatch MDM.

To read more, including third-party reports, graphs, and studies, download Why VMware Horizon Is a Better Choice Than XenDesktop.  And visit WhyChooseHorizon.com.

Or, for a hands-on experience, try our solutions yourself in our hands-on labs.