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Next Phase of Desktop and Application Innovation

Welcome to the second day of VMworld U.S. 2014!

I hope you had a great time yesterday on the first day of the show. I know there is usually more going on than you have time for, but hopefully you had a chance to read our news to hear what’s new from VMware, attend a few sessions to learn more about our products, and catch up with friends and co-workers from the past.

The VMware End-User Computing team made some exciting announcements this morning that bring us closer to the vision that Sanjay Poonen laid out in the past with workers working at the speed of life.

We introduced a brand new solution called VMware® Workspace™ Suite that brings to reality the single, integrated workspace that integrates applications, data and devices. It also offers customers best of breed solutions by combining VMware Horizon®, the leading desktop virtualization platform and AirWatch EMM, the leading enterprise mobility management solution – something our competitors cannot match. I won’t go into too much detail about it here since Sanjay Poonen and Erik Frieberg talk about it more in their blog posts and Kit Colbert offers a technical perspective. However, what I’d like to focus on is what’s next for desktop virtualization as we see it.

The Next Phase of Desktop and Application Innovation – Eliminating Trade-Offs Between Performance and Cost

We continuously hear from our customers that they’re looking to modernize their existing Windows application delivery system to be more like real-time mobile architectures. End-users are demanding a personalized experience while IT requires a better way to manage desktops and applications.

I believe that desktop virtualization is on the cusp of entering into its next phase of innovation. The current generation solutions simply lift-and-shift the desktops or apps from the PC to the datacenter. That means, currently customers have to make tradeoffs between cost, performance and personalization with their desktop virtualization implementations. Many picked solutions simply based on remoting protocols, which no longer can be the sole reason for picking a scalable solution of the future.

The next generation of desktop virtualization technology needs to be built and inspired by the benefits of mobility and the cloud, where any application can be rapidly accessed or delivered from any cloud. There are three main technologies that must be part of every desktop virtualization solution:

  1. Disaggregation of Desktop and On-Demand Personalization – Windows desktops need to be disaggregated and a device specific personalized experience needs to be created on-demand. Only then will customers be able to fundamentally change the cost of desktop management.
  2. Hybrid Delivery – A solution that can enable customers to deliver different apps and desktops from their own datacenters or public cloud. Only hybrid environments can give customers the required flexibility, agility and utility based pricing.
  3. Standards-Based Delivery – Next generation desktop virtualization delivery will use mobile friendly codecs and browser friendly protocols.

VMware is delivering new innovations in desktop and application virtualization towards these three areas, all inspired by the mobile experience, built for software-defined data center and delivered from a hybrid cloud.

Rather than having you read about it, here’s a video from me that captures the new innovations that are available to customers today and the new technology that could be available to them tomorrow through our technology previews.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 11.59.23 AM

As you can see, we’ve been busy but all that hard work translates to great solutions for our customers to help solve their problems. Click on the links for more information on our Horizon DaaS updates, NVIDIA-Google collaboration, and the benefits of Horizon and EVO:Rail.

If you’re at VMworld, please stop by the VMware booth and see how our products work in real life – I think you’ll be impressed. Also, don’t miss the keynote later this morning where we will showcase some of our products, highlight a few top technology partners we’ve been working with to bring added value to customers, and real customer stories that showcase what our solutions can really do.

If you weren’t able to make it to the show, you can follow the keynote by going to VMware NOW.

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