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Announcing New Horizon DaaS Services and Expansion to Europe

Since launching VMware Horizon DaaS on vCloud Air, in March of this year, we’ve had the opportunity to listen and learn from our customers and partners. The feedback has been clear: customers love the ability to reap all the benefits of virtual desktops, while consuming them in an OPEX model that enables them to lower costs and gain greater agility.

The powerful combination of Horizon 6 and Horizon DaaS is empowering organizations with the best of both worlds: on-premises VDI and cloud-hosted desktops for a hybrid approach that is unmatched in the industry today.

Today, we are continuing the innovation seen in Horizon 6, with new services that expand the use cases for Horizon DaaS and make it the leading offering for organizations looking to make the transition to a cloud workspace. Horizon DaaS updates that will debut in September include:

  • Apps as a Service – customers will now have the ability to publish applications and shared desktops using RDS infrastructure from VMware Horizon DaaS. With this new functionality, Horizon DaaS becomes the only service in the market today that allows IT to deliver cloud-hosted desktops and RDS-hosted shared desktops and apps from a single cloud service and through a single end-user experience.
  • Expansion to Europe – customers in Europe will now have the ability to take advantage of all Horizon DaaS services, including cloud-hosted virtual desktops and apps from the vCloud Air UK datacenter in Slough. Additionally, multinational organizations can consume DaaS from US and EMEA datacenters to deliver the best experience to their users.
  • Cloud bursting with monthly terms – our customers across retail, government, education and other industries have asked for the ability to support their seasonal business needs with shorter term options. To support this ability to burst to the cloud we are now offering monthly terms for all of our services.
  • High performance desktop – in addition to our Standard and Advanced virtual desktops, we are releasing a new virtual desktop designed for developers and engineers who need a high performance desktop. The new Enterprise desktop will have 4 vCPU, 8GB vRAM, and 120 GB HD.

These new updates will enable us to continue to support Horizon DaaS customers across the wide variety of verticals and use cases that require full virtual desktops, shared desktops, or hosted apps.

Horizon DaaS Provisioning Diagram

Join us to learn more about these Horizon DaaS updates at VMworld at these key sessions:

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  • EUC1497: How to Leverage DaaS to Deliver Google Docs, Apps, and Windows Desktops on Chromebooks

And visit our website at www.vmware.com/go/daas.