VMware Horizon

VMware Horizon Is the Leading Virtual Desktop Platform, According to Gigaom Research

By Dave Grant, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, End-User Computing, VMware

As you already know, VMware Horizon 6 was made generally available about two weeks ago so anyone interested should download the solution and try it for free, or they can demo it live using the Horizon 6 Hands-On Lab.

But for a customer searching for a virtual desktop solution, one of the foundational questions is always, “Why should we choose your solution over the other solutions in the market?”

Today, I am giving customers a new reason to add to the list that already exists for Horizon.

A recently released report from Gigaom Research titled “Sector RoadMap: virtual desktops in 2014” ranks VMware the #1 vendor among the competition. It identifies VMware as having the leading virtual desktop platform compared to Citrix, Microsoft, Dell and Amazon when measured against five different categories.

GigaOm Research Results

VMware Horizon 6 is an industry game changer because it is the industry’s most comprehensive desktop solution that offers new levels of innovation to help enterprises support IT and end-users in the Mobile Cloud Era. It is also because Horizon 6 breaks the published applications monopoly and customers now have an additional option from a trusted and proven virtualization leader.

This report by Gigaom Research is validation of our efforts in pushing the envelope with our end-user computing technologies and we are proud to be recognized for it. We also believe this is just one of many more to come that will show VMware to be the leading solution vendor in the end-user computing space.

In closing, I’d like to thank our engineering team for the hard work they have put into building our products and reiterate VMware’s commitment to always innovate in the interest of our customers.