An Update on VMware Horizon DaaS

May 9, 2014
Josue Fontanez


Community Marketing Manager, End User Computing, VMware. Josue is focused on building external communities for the End-User Computing products at VMware. Prior to taking a long sabbatical and living in Europe, he led the development and launch of the Digital Workspace Tech Zone and various product marketing roles at VMware. Before VMware, he held various product marketing and product management roles at Citrix and Microsoft.

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The buzz around DaaS has been amazing as of late…with good reason. End-users are more mobile than ever before so organizations need to modernize their desktops to meet their demands for access to corporate content using any device, anytime, anywhere. Customers get the benefit of VDI on-premises, without having to manage the back-end VDI infrastructure. They can scale on-demand in a snap and drastically reduce the labor costs associated with management of VDI. It all makes sense.

VMware Horizon DaaS, the industry’s first hybrid desktop-as-a-service offering, gives organizations the flexibility of deploying virtual desktops on-premises or in the cloud. Customers can fulfill any of their virtual desktop use cases, using VMware Horizon with View on-premises or through Horizon DaaS on VMware vCloud Hybrid Service.  This ensures optimum flexibility for the enterprise, simplified procurement, and a single set of IT skills. For end users, they get a single client that enables them to access their virtual desktops and applications from any type of device, on any cloud.

Horizon DaaS image

Unlike other DaaS solutions, all of this translates into the ability for customers to purchase hybrid desktop-as-a-service, today, from a single enterprise-class-vendor.

Having pioneered the market for DaaS in 2007, we know what it takes to deliver a true enterprise-grade DaaS offering that not all of our competitors offer. We help our service provider partners bring up a DaaS offering quickly so they can take advantage of the growing interest in DaaS and we help customers quickly realize ROI when they deploy our solution. Our customers have also told us why VMware Horizon DaaS tops their list:

  • Windows Genuine desktops – VMware Horizon DaaS offers customers their pick of type of desktop, either Windows Server skinned desktops or Windows Genuine desktops like Windows 7 or 8. When we look at customer deployments over many years, it’s clear the majority of our customers prefer Windows Genuine desktops. Many software vendors only certify their applications on Windows Client and IT primarily uses their systems management tools to manage desktops, not servers. By using Windows Genuine desktops, customers can ensure they have the best experience.
  • Security and isolation –Horizon DaaS built on vCloud Hybrid Service offers a scalable grid architecture and true multi-tenancy that ensures customer security and isolation. Customers don’t expect last year’s software to be packaged up and put in the cloud. They want a platform built from the group up for cloud.
  • Predictable costs – VMware Horizon DaaS offers predictable costs that enable organizations to appropriately price, plan, and prepare from a budgetary perspective. We believe that predictable and published costs are a key tenet of any cloud offering.  While many vendors out there tout cloud services, it’s surprising to see the lack of transparency with regards to pricing.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) – VMware Horizon DaaS offers a published 99.9% SLA to ensure that customers have confidence with our offering. Being transparent with regards to our service and associated performance is what our customers expect.
  • Flexibility of using virtual desktops or apps – From a single platform, VMware Horizon DaaS enables IT to provision diverse services that meet their unique business needs. These include persistent or non-persistent desktops, published applications, Windows Server or Windows Genuine desktops. This is real flexibility with great self-service.

All of these capabilities along with a single, world-class support line for virtual desktops in the cloud and on-premises provides the peace of mind that enterprises expect.

VMware Horizon DaaS

In one situation, we have a large education customer looking to VMware Horizon DaaS to help bring down the TCO of their desktops and applications. They needed to scale them to serve 30,000 end-users and 250,000 students so a cloud approach would make it fast and simple. They liked the fact that Horizon DaaS gave students access to applications and adaptive learning products through HTML 5 rather than having to download a client on their device which could potentially eliminate a lot of calls to their help desk.

These are just some of the reasons why customers and service provider partners such as Unisys, CompuCom, Dell, Fujitsu, NEC, Time Warner Cable and Dimension Data have made VMware Horizon DaaS their solution of choice.

We encourage all of you to explore VMware Horizon DaaS and get started today.