Delivering a Seamless Experience: VMware Horizon 6 and Teradici PCoIP

May 6, 2014


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Guest blog by Mabel Louie, Director of Product Marketing, Teradici

VMware has raised the bar with the unveiling of VMware Horizon 6 – a single, seamless platform for delivery of an uncompromised experience to a broader base of end users, across multiple devices and locations from public or private clouds.

As a longtime VMware partner, Teradici® drives continuous innovation of the PCoIP® protocol, aligning to the industry’s most stringent security standards, and providing best performance, and ease-of-manageability for virtual desktops and application delivery.  The protocol compresses, encrypts and encodes the entire computing experience securely in the data center and transmits it as ‘pixels only’ to a user’s device for an outstanding result.

Teradici worked closely with VMware on PCoIP enhancements in the Horizon 6 release, contributing to even greater end user productivity, flexibility and performance:

  • RDS desktop and application delivery using the PCoIP protocol
  • Roaming IP address support to allow PCoIP sessions to persist when a client IP address changes (e.g., transition from one wireless access point to another)
  • Improved bandwidth management for a better user experience over congested and wireless networks

Our broad PCoIP ecosystem of hardware and software partners is committed to fulfilling the VMware Horizon 6 vision for unified delivery and management of desktop and application services – anytime, anywhere – via secure, high-performance PCoIP zero client devices, complemented by  PCoIP hardware accelerators and performance monitoring and optimization tools.

Over the past 5+ years, Teradici has enabled the PCoIP Experience for millions of VDI and DaaS users (VMware and Desktone), and sales of 1.5M+ PCoIP zero client devices in a variety of form factors (desktop, laptop, and all-in-one monitors).

Teradici and our partners are dedicated to the continued success of IT managers in deploying cloud environments to meet today’s pressing challenges:

  • Delivering a consistent user experience and access to media-rich content and high-end graphics applications – even at peak usage times. With the Teradici PCoIP Hardware Accelerator, IT management can cost-effectively maximize the number of virtual machines placed on servers with VMware Horizon, while ensuring a consistent, high-performance computing experience across all users, at all times and regardless of task or activity level. By reducing server CPU utilization and complementing physical GPU support in VMware VDI deployments, it’s possible to improve consolidation ratios by up to 2X.  For example, a U.S. federal agency is better serving citizens at a highly-trafficked airport by making secure, “forensic-quality” video surveillance footage accessible to airport personnel on any device at any time, in collaboration with technical services firm, Jacobs Technology.
  • Simplifying IT deployment and manageability. In a recent survey of nearly 1200 VMware end users, the top 3 reasons cited for selecting Teradici PCoIP zero client devices were tied to ease of deployment, configuration and maintenance, plus greater system resilience and reliability. For example, AAA of the Carolinas System Engineer, Doug Robinson, reports that “PCoIP Zero Clients we deployed to replace our aging Call Center computers allowed us, in a matter of two days, to convert our 200 users to PCoIP Zero Clients with little to no down time. Repair and replacement costs have almost completely disappeared, and the users are very happy with the solution.”
  • Streamlining workflows and increasing user productivity in a secure environment.  By enabling more efficient use and sharing of computing resources, PCoIP zero client deployments with VMware Horizon can improve organizational effectiveness – in compliance with industry best practices and regulations. For example, at HIMSS 2014, North Kansas City Hospital described how its VDI deployment with VMware, Teradici and Imprivata helped streamline workflows, giving medical personnel secure access to vital information on zero client desktops at the point-of-care, from anywhere on the hospital floor throughout the day.

We look forward to many more successes with VMware Horizon 6 in the coming months – please share yours with us at!


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