VMware Horizon 6 – Simplifying Management and Automation

Apr 9, 2014
Aaron Black


Aaron Black is a VMware EUC senior product manager. Over 10 years with EUC, he has worked across a range of VMware Horizon technology. He shamelessly loves software and strives to be in the field with customers. Previously, he was a Citrix systems engineer, lead a Sprint technical corporate IT team and designed solutions for VMware and Citrix partners.

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By Aaron Black and David Wooten, Product Managers, End-User Computing, VMware

The announcement of Horizon 6 will undoubtedly broaden the scope of what organizations can deliver with VMware EUC technologies.  As customers and partners move to consume these additional capabilities rest assured that we’ve provided a framework to accompany Horizon 6 that enables scalable administration, automation, pinpointed performance analysis for IT, and delivers value to end-users with self-service provisioning and enablement for applications and desktops.  The well received VMware vCenter Operations Manager for View (V4V for short) solution and newly introduced Horizon vCenter Orchestrator (vCO) plugin included in the Horizon Enterprise edition provide organizations what is needed to move from VDI to a highly scalable, flexible, and manageable solution that empowers productivity and business for everyone from IT to the end users.

Introducing the Horizon vCO Plugin

IT efficiency is paramount as environments expand and become more distributed in administrative functions.  Empowering the business owners or delegated admins with processes for managing changing environments helps reduce the dependency on IT.  Centralized IT can utilize the Horizon vCO plugin to delegate and automate granular administrative functions for provisioning, entitlement, refresh, and recycle operations.  Customer can leverage these workflows for hosted applications or desktops through the vSphere Web Client or by exposing as catalog items with request/approval procedures using vCloud Automation Center. These tasks can be granted as delegated admin functions across pools, pod’s, line-of-businesses, or multi-tenant environments.

Enabling the end-user can begin across an organization or maybe it is just a particular business group that is ready for the responsibility to manage their own desktop resources within an IT provided construct.  Administrators can grant the capabilities to provision and recycle desktops in certain pools directly to end-users or managers who can act on behalf of multiple employees.  Reduce the helpdesk load by leveraging the ‘refresh’ workflow to allow end-users to fix some of their own problems.  Almost every organization can benefit from a streamlined process for offering applications and desktops through an IT service catalog, add in approval policies and auditing to handle the exceptions and justification needed for particular use cases and IT can have a fully functioning system for delivering end-user value.

Introducing VMware vCenter Operations for View 6

As desktop virtualization options for application delivery become more extensive and sophisticated, and the variety of end-user computing devices proliferate, your users need the assurance and confidence that their IT organization “has their back”; however their apps and data are delivered to them. Enterprise IT needs the depth of technology, and the coverage agility of V4V to ensure that performance abnormalities are known by IT before the end-user picks up a phone, and that problem resolution across the virtual enterprise is only a few clicks away.

Virtual Desktop and Enterprise Operations Management From A Single Platform

VMware vCenter Operations Manager for View 6 extends scalable, operations (performance and capacity) management of Horizon end-user solutions for customer IT organizations. By providing in-guest/process-level metrics for precise, end-user problem resolution, and adding capacity management and modeling for optimized virtual desktop resource deployments, V4V delivers broader desktop end-user satisfaction, improves IT efficiency, and lowers virtual desktop operations management operating cost.

New in Version 6 – vCenter Operations Manager for View supports “single-pane-of-glass”, enterprise-wide operations management for the entire virtualized enterprise. All virtualized enterprise objects: desktop, server, storage and network can now be managed from a single vCenter Operations Manager instance; improving IT agility and efficiency while reducing complexity.

In summary, Horizon 6 simplifies the management and automation of the virtual infrastructure. It offers a holistic view of your entire virtual infrastructure – from data center to device – while also providing cloud-like automation to streamline granular processes and workflows.

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