Unidesk Brings Enhanced VDI Management to Horizon 6

Apr 18, 2014


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Guest blog by Tom Rose, Chief Marketing Officer, Unidesk Corporation

Was it a coincidence that a new version of Unidesk was announced the same day as VMware Horizon 6?  Or course not!  Over 600 customers are using VMware Horizon with Unidesk, making us IT’s most popular virtual desktop infrastructure/management combo.  Together, VMware Horizon and Unidesk simplify virtual desktops and applications for IT and make virtual desktops a fit for more users.  So of course we’re going to be one of the first to announce support for Horizon 6!

What is Unidesk?

Unidesk’s unified VDI management platform with patented desktop layering technology is the one-stop-shop for flexible desktop provisioning, streamlined image management, simple application virtualization, and complete user personalization.  With Unidesk, desktop administrators create persistent and non-persistent virtual desktops out of stackable OS and application “layers.”  IT benefits from having only one gold image of Windows to patch for all desktops and the ability to virtualize any app (usually in less than 30 minutes).  End users benefit from full personalization, including user-installed apps.  And finance people are happy that Unidesk’s storage footprint is up to 80% smaller than a full-sized clone (yes, even for persistent desktops).


How Does Unidesk Support VMware Horizon 6?

Unidesk already has deep integration with VMware View.  Our layered desktops are automatically provisioned into View pools so they can be securely accessed through the broad range of client devices supported by View over the high-performance PCoIP protocol.  In our new release, Unidesk supports the three new editions of VMware Horizon 6 – Horizon View Standard Edition, Horizon Advanced Edition and Horizon Enterprise Edition – with enhanced support for:

  • VMware View Persona: Customers who do not want to sustain all user customizations with Unidesk’s storage-efficient persistent desktops or who want more granular control over personalization can now provision non-persistent desktops with Unidesk and use VMware View Persona to retain and/or share detailed profile information for a consistent user experience for both Unidesk-provisioned virtual desktops and physical PCs.
  • VMware Virtual SAN: Unidesk creates virtual desktops on any storage supported by VMware vSphere, including VMware Virtual SAN. Unidesk with Virtual SAN enables IT administrators to automate desktop provisioning on local storage to reduce storage costs for desktop workloads and significantly accelerate desktop I/O boosting desktop performance.
  • VMware ThinApp: Unidesk and VMware ThinApp together provide comprehensive delivery of Windows applications in VDI. Unidesk makes it easy to virtualize applications as independent layers so they can be assigned to virtual desktops and updated without ever having to be physically installed. The other lifecycle management benefits include revocation, patching, versioning, rollback, auditing, reporting, and single instance storage.

How Are Customers Deploying VMware Horizon View and Unidesk?

See for yourself in some of these recent webinars and case studies. Most of our webinars include live demos of the customers’ virtual desktop deployments.

Read the full Unidesk press release for more details on VMware Horizon 6 and Unidesk 2.6.  Or sign up for our deep-dive technical demo webinar to learn more: http://get.unidesk.com/demo-webinar

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