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Google and VMware Double Down on Desktop as a Service as Windows XP Support Ends

Erik Frieberg, VP of Product Marketing, End-User Computing, VMware

By Erik Frieberg, VP of Product Marketing, End-User Computing, VMware

It is never easy saying goodbye to an old friend.

That is how users of the nearly 30 percent of desktops still running Windows XP must feel today as Microsoft finally ends support for the venerable operating system. The end of XP support is not just an issue for individuals. If you are one of the many of businesses still running XP to maintain legacy software or custom-built apps, with end of support comes “significant” security and privacy risks.

It’s time to change… It’s time to embrace a new way to work in the Mobile Cloud Era while still supporting the legacy and custom-built apps of the past. The good news… VMware and Google are happy to help.

You may recall that in February of this year, VMware and Google announced an exciting partnership to modernize corporate desktops by providing businesses with secure and fast cloud access to Windows applications, data and desktops on Google Chromebooks with VMware Horizon DaaS.

Today, it gets real… We put our money where our mouth is as we expand our relationship with Google…


We are happy to announce a great new joint promotion between VMware and Google that will let customers get $200 off Google Chromebooks for Business with VMware Horizon DaaS for US customers.

Customers taking advantage of this promotion can easily provide access to legacy Windows desktops and applications from a Google Chromebook with VMware Horizon DaaS on vCloud Hybrid Service or through Horizon DaaS Powered Service Providers.

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This unique solution empowers organizations looking for an alternative to on-premise virtual desktops or application publishing for their Google Chromebooks. Unlike traditional desktop virtualization solutions, VMware Horizon DaaS is fast to deploy, requires minimal IT skills and no upfront capital. Since DaaS reduces labor costs compared to traditional on-premise desktop virtualization infrastructure by over 50 percent, organizations can reallocate precious IT resources on projects that matter most to the business.

With VMware and Google, you can easily make the switch to the mobile-cloud era and gain simplicity, security and lower TCO. For more details about how to take the next step with this special promotion, please contact your corporate reseller or solution provider. You can also read more about this promotion on the Google Enterprise Blog.

But wait… There is one more thing…

We also encourage you to also join us for our special VMware Horizon online event where you will hear even more about how VMware is further transforming desktops and applications.