Customer Spotlight: ARcare, a Private Non-profit Healthcare Provider Horizon Solution Reference Implementation Case Study

Apr 21, 2014


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By Teresa Wingfield, End-User Computing Marketing Consultant

As a member of the End-User Computing marketing team, it’s always gratifying to see VMware Horizon (with View) have a meaningful impact on our customer’s business, especially an organization making a positive difference in society such as ARcare.  ARcare is a private non-profit healthcare provider serving residents of Arkansas and Kentucky. Driven by its mission “Health for All,” the company focuses on delivering affordable primary medical and dental care through a broad range of customer health, community health, employee health, and organizational health services.

Several years ago, ARcare faced an enviable dilemma: Surging demand for the company’s service offerings had helped fuel rapid growth, but the accelerating pace of growth was putting a strain on its core service-delivery infrastructure and leading to unexpectedly high CapEx and OpEx costs. In addition, the company needed to expand the geographical reach of its services, both within and outside of Arkansas.

As a result, ARcare needed an innovative yet reliable, secure, quick, and inexpensive way to extend its service offerings to the desktops of new users in remote clinics and additional branch offices. The company found an answer in virtualization—specifically VDI—and it found a reliable, trustworthy partner in VMware.

With 95 percent of its environment virtualized, including 250 end-user desktops, ARcare has achieved remarkable business results, including:

• CapEx reduction of 60 percent and OpEx reduction of 90 percent
• Fast, painless deployment of end-user desktops
• Higher end-user satisfaction due to a more consistent—and consistently high-quality—experience
• Tighter security and compliance with HIPAA and other federal regulations
• Peace of mind through reliable technology and support from VMware

How did ARcare achieve such impressive results?  ARcare shared its project approach, Horizon with Pure Storage architectural details, lessons learned and more in a recent reference implementation case study.


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