Horizon View Helps Mecklenburg County Employees Better Protect and Serve

Mar 3, 2014


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When Mecklenburg County, North Carolina needed to overcome significant device proliferation, security, and IT management challenges, it undertook an aggressive “One Person, One Device” initiative. It gave each person a single device and streamlined the management of it with VMware® Horizon View™. The effort to empower employees to be more productive and reduce computer replacement equipment (CREP) purchases has been so successful that the county is saving approximately $3.2 million per year.

Mecklenburg County Youth and Family Services social workers, Park and Recreation employees, and Food Service inspectors now use tablets and virtual desktops to securely access and input information on the go. This helps improve the reach and availability of county services. And because data doesn’t reside on any individual device, citizens can rest assured that the data county employees collect and process is well protected.

Watch the video or read the case study to see how Mecklenburg County is using Horizon View to improve the mobility, security, and productivity of its workforce while reducing costs.

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