VMware Horizon

VMware Horizon View Clients Version 2.3-Now Available!

by Kristina De Nike, Product Management, End-User Computing

Today we are pleased to announce that we are releasing the 2.3 version of the VMware® Horizon View™ Clients. The updated clients offer refinements and new features. The Windows and OS X clients are available from the VMware site. Updates to the iOS and Android clients are available from the application stores, use your in-device update mechanism to get the new versions. Work with your device manufacturer to get an update for your Linux thin or zero clients.

Real-Time Audio-Video for Mac clients

In our last two releases, the Horizon View team introduced Real-Time Audio-Video for our Windows and Linux clients. Real-Time Audio-Video encodes and compresses audio and video from the client end point, so users get crystal clear audio and video chat in their virtual desktop. This feature is such a hit, we’ve added it for our OS X client users as well. Mac users can connect to their virtual desktop to use Skype, Webex and Google Hangouts. The agent update that shipped with Horizon View 5.2 Feature Pack 2 works with all supported clients.

For more information on Real-Time Audio-Video, you can refer back to the blog from the initial roll-out.

Drag & Drop

To better support users with multiple desktops, the Windows and Mac clients now support drag and drop around the Horizon View client window to reorder the desktops. This feature works in the Windows and Mac clients. Users can also start to type the desktop name and the client will highlight the desktop with the matching name.

Download the VMware Horizon View Clients version 2.3 here and tell us what you think on Facebook and Twitter!