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Dell Introduces Dell Wyse Cloud Connect using VMware Horizon View

Erik Frieberg, VP of Product Marketing, End-User Computing, VMware

By Erik Frieberg, VP of Product Marketing, End-User Computing, VMware

Enterprise mobility on an USB stick – it doesn’t get more mobile than that. But that’s exactly what Dell has developed and VMware is proud to be a technology supporter of this brand new device.

Dell announced yesterday a brand new end-user device category with a new device called Dell Wyse Cloud Connect, an ultra-compact and highly mobile cloud access device that instantly delivers desktop virtualization and personal cloud services to any HDMI- or MHL-enabled display. The pocket-sized device delivers a full-HD experience with enterprise-level security, manageability and reliability. Organizations of any size can now deliver streaming cloud services and IT solutions in a cost-effective, mobile offering for work, home and on the go.

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A few years ago, IDC predicted that the world’s mobile worker population would reach 1.3 billion by 2015 – that’s just one year from now. However, enterprise mobility isn’t limited to just smartphones and tablets – it also includes desktops. At the heart of enterprise mobility is choice where users want the ability to access their desktop, applications and data from anywhere, at anytime and using any device. That’s where VMware comes in and enables our technology partners to provide the ubiquitous access to corporate data that users demand using any device they prefer.

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Our Horizon View virtual desktops help organizations modernize their desktop infrastructure by introducing a new level of mobility, security and manageability that traditional desktops/laptops will almost never match. Whether organizations choose an on-premise or off-premise approach, the TCO will be much less. Every organization has different needs and with thin clients, thick clients and zero clients already available to choose from, customers now have an additional choice with the Dell Wyse Cloud Connect device.

Congratulations to our partners at Dell for introducing such an innovative product.

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