VMware Horizon

VMware Horizon View™ Clients Version 2.2

By Kristina De Nike, Sr. Product Manager, End-User Computing, VMware

Watch out, the Horizon View team is letting the first horse out of the corral. Today we are releasing updates to all of the Horizon View Clients. The clients boast both refinements and new features and are updated to work with the latest operating systems. What’s more, over the weeks to come, the clients will deliver even more features as updates to the Horizon View Connection Server and Feature Pack arrive.

Real-Time Audio-Video for Linux Clients

In our last release, the Horizon View team introduced Real-Time Audio-Video in our Windows client. Real-Time Audio-Video encodes and compresses audio and video from the client end point, so users get crystal clear audio and video chat in their virtual desktop. We got such an enthusiastic response to this feature, we are now introducing it to our Linux client users as well. Linux users can connect to their virtual desktop to use Skype, Webex and Google Hangouts. The agent update that shipped with Horizon View 5.2 Feature Pack 2 works with both clients.

For more information on Real-Time Audio-Video, you can refer back to the blog from the initial roll-out.

Optimized for iOS 7 & Mac OS X Mavericks

Apple did a major rewrite with iOS 7 and VMware responded with an updated Horizon View Client for iOS. The new Horizon View Client is optimized for iOS 7 both in terms of functionality and look and feel. Unity Touch now feels at home on iOS 7 and still makes it easy to open files and launch Windows applications all from an iOS native menu.

VMware also updated the Horizon View Client for Macintosh to be fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.9, aka Mavericks.

New Windows Client With Support for Windows 8.1

With this release, VMware is also introducing a completely rewritten version of the Horizon View Client for Windows. Read more about it here.

Download the VMware Horizon View Clients version 2.2 here.