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Lost and Found: End-User Computing Tech Resources on VMware.com

By Tina de Benedictis, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, End-User Computing, VMWare

You may have noticed that VMware redesigned its website to better meet user needs. Over 7000 web pages were flipped over in unison to the new design on the 26th of August 2013. The new site is more modern and visually appealing, with built-in social functionality. Research on what our users want informed our decision to provide rapid access to technical content, with the business case ready for when you need to convince the funding side of your organization. You also told us which tasks you do most, so we made those tasks obvious, and you don’t have to search to find these tasks. In addition, the new design is consistent across the VMware product spectrum.

But I didn’t intend to focus all of your attention on our redesign. I want to tell you how to find those lost pages with technical resources for End-User Computing, which you may have had bookmarked, but which now give you errors. We have a lot of pages to redirect from the prior website to the new one, and we just couldn’t manage 7000 redirects!


Here is where to find the key technical resources for End-User Computing:

On these pages, we have linked to the most important and popular technical resources. You can find more resources if you search the database of technical resources, by product or by topic or both:

Search the VMware database for technical resources

So, now you have found your lost technical resources pages–welcome back!