VMware Horizon VMware Mirage

Voilà! Flexera and VMware Horizon Mirage Together

By Tina de Benedictis, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, End-User Computing, VMware

Do you need VMware Horizon Mirage for

  • Centralized desktop image management
  • Break / fix of desktops
  • Provisioning of layered desktop images
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Migration to new Windows versions

and you also want to monitor the application performance and resource usage on the endpoints in the Horizon Mirage environment?

VMware has already prototyped a solution for you: an integration of VMware Horizon Mirage with Flexera AdminStudio Virtual Desktop Assessment.


How does this work? You

  • Set up the Flexera Virtual Desktop Assessment Manager virtual appliance in the datacenter, on the same internal network as the Horizon Mirage Servers
  • Install a Flexera Profile Collector agent on the Horizon Mirage reference machine base layer in the datacenter
  • Send out this base layer to each endpoint so that each endpoint includes the Flexera agent

Each Flexera endpoint agent automatically registers itself to the Virtual Desktop Assessment Manager in the datacenter. Then the Flexera software is poised to gather data and generate statistics and reports. The Flexera endpoint agents will send data on application performance and resource usage to the Flexera Virtual Desktop Assessment Manager.

Voilà! Endpoint monitoring with Flexera, and desktop image management with Horizon Mirage!

For more details about this solution, see Using Flexera Software for Application and Endpoint Monitoring in a VMware Horizon Mirage Implementation.

For related information, see the Horizon Mirage resource page on VMware.com.