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Horizon Mirage 4.0 is now available

Aaron Black

Author: Aaron Black

Aaron Black is a VMware EUC senior product manager. Over 10 years with EUC, he has worked across a range of VMware Horizon technology. He shamelessly loves software and strives to be in the field with customers. Previously, he was a Citrix systems engineer, lead a Sprint technical corporate IT team and designed solutions for VMware and Citrix partners.

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We are happy to announce that as of today, March 4th 2013, Horizon Mirage 4.0 is generally available through MyVMware.  This is the first time that we’ve launched a Mirage release straight from VMware’s product portal and now we can also provide 60 day eval’s as well. The licensing for the Horizon Suite is fully supported now along with legacy Mirage license files.  This is an exciting release that introduces a number of new features and capabilities, most notable of which is application layering.  There will soon be a blog post that explains this functionality in detail, but for right now just know that Mirage can now combine the efficiency and standardization of a single OS layer with the flexibility of multiple application layers to literally put together a fully modularized desktop for enterprise desktop users.  This is a huge win for IT to be able to mandate a supported OS configuration along with the IT managed applications necessary for a single user, a group of users, or an entire organization.  This can be done while still allowing and supporting the realities of user created data, settings, and applications.  The fully managed desktop has arrived in a form factor that works for the user and for IT !

Since Mirage is one of the newcomers to the Horizon Suite and EUC we will be regularly publishing blog material that covers features, how-to info, interesting tidbits of technical content, and guidance for common use cases and successful implementations.  But don’t wait for the blog – get hands on experience now as there is no substitute for spending time with the technology.  I highly recommend the Reviewer’s Guide as the place to start to guide your first experience for installing and evaluating Horizon Mirage.

Start here . . Reviewer’s Guide

I’ve included some links to our documentation and evaluation below for your convenience as well.  We have an ambitious roadmap for Horizon MIrage so I welcome your feedback and interaction to help ensure that our product plans line up with the capabilities that drive value and efficiency in your organization.  Please participate in our Mirage forum to communicate your organization’s needs and wants 🙂

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